Work of department, community noted

The Memorial Day weekend proved to be a difficult one in Elk River. Young Daisy Jo Holland was swept up by the Elk River and her short life ended just before her second birthday.

Lost in this tragic event was the outstanding work by the Elk River Police Department and surrounding law enforcement agencies. They did everything in their power to find Daisy as quickly as possible. Chief Brad Rolfe was the point man in the search and all you have to know about his effort to find Daisy is that he went without sleep for 48 hours trying to rescue her.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the tremendous turnout by Elk River residents to help search for Daisy. I have long thought that our city is a very caring community. The search for Daisy only reinforced that. Our “Powered by Nature” theme is brought to life by the giving nature of our citizens.

I saw a lot of long faces from Elk River police officers in the days following the search for Daisy. I’m sure they were both physically and emotionally spent from the experience. When I thanked Chief Rolfe for his efforts, he said, “It’s what we do.” Lucky for our citizens that they do it very well and with the utmost professionalism.

Chief Rolfe and his officers tried to rescue Daisy because that’s their job. I think it’s much more than that though. Our officers are very active members of our community and they take their jobs very personally. I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them. I would compare our police department to all others. In my book, they are the best.

The outcome was a sad one and I extend my sympathies to the Holland family but I am very proud to be the mayor of a city with a police department that is there for all of us when we need them. — John Dietz, Elk River (Editor’s note: Dietz is the mayor of Elk River.)