Family of Daisy Jo offers blessings to all who helped out

The family of Daisy Jo Holland wants to thank all who helped us in this difficult time. We want to thank Elk River Police and Rescue teams, the BCA, Sherburne County, the water rescue people and dive teams and all the other trained professionals who worked to find her. We thank Chaplain Tom for his counsel and prayers. Thank you to Pastor Paul and Deanna, from Gateway, for their prayers and especially for hosting and comforting our family in their church. Thanks to their parishioners for the love, prayers, support and food given.

Also thanks to all the volunteers that came together as a community to help with the search. Blessings to all who helped to find Daisy Jo. — Keith Holland, Zimmerman (Editor’s note: Holland, a grandfather of Daisy Jo, wrote this letter on behalf of himself and the entire family of Daisy Jo Holland.)