Balloons released for Daisy Jo Holland, who would have turned two years old

xballoons online2After singing Happy Birthday to Daisy Jo Holland, who would have turned two years old today, balloons of various shapes and sizes — most with a special message written on them in marker — were released today on the shores of Lake Orono in Elk River.

At 2:34 p.m on Sunday, May 26, the body of a child of similar description to Holland was recovered by dive team members several hundred yards downstream from the campsite where Daisy was last seen.

The body was transported to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office for positive identification and determination of cause of death. The active search for Daisy Jo Holland concluded with this discovery. At this time there is no indication of foul play; however, the investigation will remain open, according to Elk River Police Chief Brad Rolfe. The Elk River Police Department and the family of the girl extend their sincere thanks to the numerous community members, public safety agencies and other organizations who assisted this investigation and search.

The Elk River Police Department sought the assistance from the public in locating a missing child. Holland went missing from the Wapiti Park Campground, located at 18746 Troy St. in Elk River. Holland was at the campground with her mother and other family members preparing to camp for the weekend.

She was last seen playing near the Elk River. Land, air and water searches were conducted. The blue-eyed girl with shoulder-length blonde hair was last seen before going missing wearing black pants and a pink shirt imprinted with “Hello Kitty.”

Some of the balloons were released on Holland’s birthday were Hello Kitty balloons. Friends, family and community were invited to the release.