Rogers student gets prize in national essay contest

Steven Randall of Rogers was one of 225 teens in the nation winning prizes in an essay contest conducted by John Stossel, author and contributor to Fox News.

Randall got honorable mention and a $50 prize, announced Ryan Johnson, his economics teacher. With 3,503 essays submitted, about six percent were chosen for prizes ranging from $50 to $1,500.

Steven Randall
Steven Randall

“Stossel in the Classroom” is a project of the non-profit Center for Independent Thought, which provides free curriculum materials to teachers, using video clips from Stossel’s TV appearances on Fox Business Network.

Students 13 to 18 were asked to write opinion on whether government or private individuals are better at solving problems, after reading Stossel’s book “No They Can’t” or viewing his Fox News special based on the book.

Randall concluded, “Government hinders the potential of entrepreneurs, sets unnecessary regulations, and encourages wasteful spending. Free people and free markets do a better job of solving problems than the government.”

His essay cited an entrepreneur strapped with high taxes and much time and expense to be compliant with regulations, preventing him from growing his business and employing more people; harmful unintended consequences of the Americans for Disabilities Act; and spiraling college tuition costs due in large part to $169 billion of government funds available for financial aid.