Lacrosse: Rogers coach Bame is scoring leader for Swiss national team

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Luke Bame, coach of the new Rogers boys lacrosse team, has an item on his resume you don’t often see with prep coaches — international experience.

The 29-year-old Monticello native played in two European tournaments with the Swiss national team as a high-scoring attacker.

Luke Bame, 29, a Monticello native, is coach of Rogers lacrosse in its first high school season. (Photo by Erik Jacobson
Luke Bame, 29, a Monticello native, is coach of Rogers lacrosse in its first season. (Photo by Erik Jacobson

“I lived and worked there for four years. I was project manager for an oil company,” said Bame, who led the Swiss in goals scored at the World Championships in 2012 at Munich, and in total points (goals-assists) at the 2012 European Championships in Amsterdam.

In both, he said, the Swiss finished middle of the pack.

“I still have my visa and I plan to play for them again in 2014 at the world tournament in Denver,” said Bame, currently an Industrial Sales Rep for Lubrication Technologies in the metro area.

Bame fondly described the small, land-locked nation as “clean and green, like Minnesota, but with mountains instead of lakes.”

As a teen, Bame played juniors hockey in the Fargo area, then switched to lacrosse after high school. He previously coached a club team, Monti Quois.

Lacrosse, which originated with Native Americans, is a rapidly-growing sport in Europe as well as the USA.

“It’s one of the fastest-moving sports and there’s a lot more scoring than hockey and soccer,” he said, referring to sport to which it’s often compared.

And it’s physically demanding, which he likes.

“You run around the the whole game, and you’re out there a lot longer,” he said. “It’s four minutes and off, whereas in hockey it’s about 45 seconds and off.”

With Rogers, he has a typical first-year team, very young, with just five seniors (three of them lacrosse rookies) among about 45 in the program. The Royals have a 1-6 record.