Jeep plows into fence Monday morning

The scene of a one-vehicle crash Monday morning.
The scene of a one-vehicle crash Monday morning.

A 56-year-old Brooklyn Park woman veered off Elk Lake Road (19500 block of County Road 1) and plowed through a fence at about 7:40 a.m. on May 6 in Elk River.

A resident who lives in the 19000 block of Boston Street called on the accident. Police officers who arrived at the scene were puzzled as to how the accident occurred. They questioned the woman a number of times, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

“She didn’t really have an explanation,” Kluntz said. “There was no indication she was on the phone. There was no indication of alcohol or drugs.”

The woman was the lone occupant in the Jeep. She was not seriously injured.

Kluntz said she may have gotten distracted somehow or fell asleep but officers are not sure at this point.