Zimmerman students reap many conference art awards

Acrylic by Shay Conklin
Acrylic painting by ZHS junior Shay Conklin


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Zimmerman students captured 18 awards, including three first-places and three seconds, at the Granite Ridge Conference Arts Competition hosted by ZHS last Thursday and Friday.

Sylvia Michaels, a senior, nabbed a first and second prize in Ceramics, while junior Shay Conklin had a first in painting, senior Hannah Rolschau had a first in Sculpture, senior Laenae Halter had a second in Crafts/Jewelry, and senior Tarah Nelson had a second in Mixed Media.

Ceramics set "In Good Company" by Sylvia Michels
Ceramics set “In Good Company” by ZHS senior Sylvia Michels


Seven of the nine GRC schools participated, and entered a total of about 130 pieces. The schools were Albany, Becker, Foley, Little Falls, Milaca, Princeton, and Zimmerman.

The Best of Show prize  went to Little Falls senior Matthew Klos for a mixed media cityscape.

Matthew Klos of Little Falls got Best in Show for his cityscape, "Reflections"
Matthew Klos of Little Falls got Best in Show for his cityscape, “Reflections”


Tina Kryduba and Emily Zahn are the Zimmerman art teachers.

“This time of year is such a confidence booster for our students,” stated Kryduba, who hosted the event.  “Zimmerman student artists showed the community proud today.”

Shay Conklin
Shay Conklin
Laennea Halter
Laennae Halter
Sylvia Michels
Sylvia Michels







Kryduba noted that all ZHS entrants scored at least an eight from the judges.

“That is remarkable, and we are extremely proud of our kids.  Their success is an intrinsic reward for us as teachers.  We are also eager to see what artistic abilities we can discover in the coming year.”

Tarah Nelson
Tarah Nelson
Hannah Rolschau
Hannah Rolschau

The show was viewed by the public on Thursday evening, and an awards ceremony was held Friday.

Judges were Dan Prody, Osseo clay teacher; Jean Swanson, former North Hennepin CC art teacher; and two Elk River Arts Alliance members, Lisa Tetzlaff (photography) and Chris Wilson (mixed media).

This mixed media by xxxx was made with toilet paper and acrylic and oil paint.
Mixed media by ZHS senior Tarah Nelson, using toilet paper and acrylic and oil paint.
Clay and glaze sculpture, "Crocs," by Hannah Rolschau
Clay and glaze sculpture, “Crocs,” by ZHS senior Hannah Rolschau
Jewelry by Laennae Halter
Jewelry by ZHS senior Laennae Halter