Elk River rolls out city volunteer program

by Joni Astrup

Associate editor

The city of Elk River is seeking volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks.

John Dietz
John Dietz

Mayor John Dietz suggested the idea after reading about how the city of Wayzata is using volunteers to help out after staffing cuts.

A formal volunteer program within the city of Elk River was launched in April in conjunction with National Volunteer Week. Twenty-three positions are currently available to be filled by volunteers; others may be added as needed. The jobs range from coaching youth in sports leagues to cleaning and maintaining city outdoor spaces to general administrative needs.

VolunteER logo copy“There’s always things that need to be done that get pushed to the side because there’s not enough time. Maybe if some people volunteer a lot of those things can get done,” Dietz said.

Jim Babcock
Jim Babcock

Jim Babcock of Elk River has stepped up as the first volunteer. He is the volunteer coordinator for the program.

He plans to interview people over the phone and then use the volunteer job descriptions to match volunteers with the positions that suit them. He has two volunteers interested in the program so far.

Babcock said he has retired from The Bank of Elk River and had talked to the mayor about the volunteer position.

Volunteer Opportunities“This will be good to keep my head in the game,” he said.

The Elk River Parks and Recreation Department is spearheading the development of the volunteer program. For more information, go to www.elkrivermn.gov or call 763-635-1000.