A night to remember!

According to available records, this is the 27th year hosting the Elk River Graduation Safe Night for current seniors. This event continues the tradition of providing a safe, chemical-free night of fun, food, games, prizes and camaraderie for our graduates. Our event is driven solely by parent volunteers.

Our community supports and believes in this night. Our surrounding communities believe in it as well as greater Minnesota. We have businesses and organizations that have made monetary donations for years. Some businesses provide prizes and services. Past graduates who have actually attended this event continue to send in donations annually. These aren’t just business owners but also individuals who dip into their personal budgets because they see the value of this endeavor. Without this support, the graduation celebration would never happen on the scale that it does. We cannot thank them enough. I am genuinely touched whenever we receive a donation. We know that small and large business owners are inundated with requests year round. For them to prioritize all the graduates means so much to us.

We work very hard to provide this event for a minimal cost. Six years ago, we found that the price was creeping up. It was becoming more difficult to provide this night without the kids and parents feeling the pinch in the pocketbook. We took a chance and dropped the initial ticket price. We hold a drawing to reimburse someone their ticket fee. They get to go for free. As the graduation nears, ticket price increases.

Our committee wants every graduate to attend on graduation night. We budget for scholarships so that anyone who wants to can come regardless of financial status. Most, but not all, attendees are able to pay something towards a ticket price. We can make sure many more students get a ticket when partial scholarships are utilized. The monetary donations from businesses help ensure that these scholarships stay in place each year. Thank you to them.

We invite any interested individuals or businesses to join us in sponsoring this event. You may donate directly via our website ergradnight.com using the Pay Pal link or mailing to our P.O. Box 363 in Elk River. We also have fundraising dine-out nights and a 5K in the month of May.  Please consider contributing to this community gift for the senior class of 2013.

We can honestly say few things are better to watch than hundreds of 18-year-olds in their “happy place.” What a night! — Laura Filipovich, Elk River (Editor’s note: Filipovich is part of the Elk River Graduation Safe Night Committee.)