Thanks for saving old oak tree

I wish to thank the citizens of Third Ward who urged the Elk River City Council to save the oak tree at Third Street and Gates. Neither trees nor streets cause accidents. I would say that bushes at intersections do. People are the main cause. Do we stop and look both ways when entering an intersection? When entering do we check again when proceeding through it?

We in the United States don’t really appreciate the trees like we should. More than once I have heard the city leaders say they will replace the tree they plan on removing with another one. There is no way you can replace a 30-year-old tree. Trees cool our homes in the summer and protect our homes from the wintery blasts. Most importantly, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and the leaves produce oxygen. The affluent people in China send their youth to school in America because of the clean air. Just appreciate the trees we have.

Land is crucial to our existence. We need open land to absorb the rain that falls. We put up large buildings, put in parking lots and where does the water go? The rivers aren’t dredged anymore. Do you suppose if conditions continue the way they are we may have problems? We have planted 15 deciduous trees on our property. About 20 years ago, we were in North Carolina and I picked up a couple of black walnuts and planted one on our property. The tree grew to about 15 feet. One day my daughter noticed that in the back of the house there were some dry leaves on a branch. When we went in back, we discovered that a huge branch on the oak tree had split in half and the walnut tree had protected the branch from falling on the roof of our house. The leaves hadn’t changed yet so I was looking for twigs and not looking up. That walnut tree saved our roof!

Thank you council for saving the tree so it will continue to provide oxygen for us!—Lola Driessen, Elk River