Connect Effect support welcome

The administrators of Elk River Area School District’s southern cluster schools (Hassan Elementary, Otsego Elementary, Rogers Elementary, Rogers Middle School and Rogers High School) would like to thank the Elk River and Rogers communities for your recent support of the Connect Effect.

This event, held at Rogers High School on Feb. 25, united our entire community around the goal of meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of our students. The Connect Effect featured world-renowned psychologist and author, Dr. Michael Thompson, who spoke to groups of students, staff and parents on topics including healthy friendships, preparing for post-secondary education and the pressured child. A number of local businesses contributed financially to make the event possible and participation on the part of parents and staff was strong.

This successful event would not have been possible without the strong support of staff, students and members of our community. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all who collaborated with us to make this event possible. — Scott Lempka, Rogers (Editor’s note: Lempka, assistant principal at Hassan and Twin Lakes Elementary Schools, wrote this letter on behalf of himself and Erin Talley, principal, Otsego Elementary; Heidi Adamson-Baer, principal, Hassan Elementary School; Phil, Schreifels, principal, Rogers Elementary School; Jason Paurus, principal, Rogers Middle School; Bruce Jean, assistant principal, Rogers Middle School; Nicole Rittenour, assistant principal, Rogers Middle School; Roman Pierskalla, principal, Rogers High School; Sue Romane, assistant principal, Rogers High School; Darren Wolf, assistant principal, Rogers High School; and Judy Johnson, primary prevention specialist, Elk River Area Schools.)