Church cancels special Easter plans

As if winter hasn’t been long enough, now it’s messing with one local church’s celebration of its savior’s resurrection.

Officials for St. John Lutheran Church in Zimmerman, knowing what the weather has presented so far and looking ahead at the long-range forecast, have canceled plans for “O Holy Week,” a live walk-through event that continues the Gospel story begun last December with the “O Holy Night” live nativity The event was to illustrate the main events in the last week of Jesus’ life, culminating in his death and resurrection.  It was to be held March 30.

“It is with regret that we have to cancel our ‘O Holy Week’ walk through,” said Deb Christensen, an event coordinator for the church. “The current weather pattern has created a situation that has made the site for this event unfavorable and unsafe for scenery, actors and attendees.”

Christensen said church officials look forward to presenting the live walk-through event next year at Easter.