Prior Lake bylaws

City of Prior Lake, Minnesota

Mayor and City Council Bylaws

1002: CITY COUNCIL LIAISONS TO CERTAIN ADVISORY COMMITTEES: Annually, the City Council shall appoint a council member to serve as a liaison to the Advisory Committees listed in Section 1001.3. The role of the liaison is to act as a conduit and resource for information by and between the Council and the Planning Commission or Committee. The liaison shall make periodic reports to the Council on the activities of the Planning Commission or committee. The liaison shall not participate in the discussion or deliberation of any matter pending before the Planning Commission or Committee, except where the Planning Commission or committee is meeting in a study or work session. The Planning Commission or committee may, at its discretion, ask the liaison whether the Council has discussed the subject under consideration and the nature of the discussion. The liaison shall never use this occasion as an opportunity to communicate their personal position on the matter under consideration. The liaison shall communicate any Council input on a particular issue.

A liaison may always testify or submit comments at a public hearing in their capacity as a private citizen as long as they make clear at the beginning of their testimony or in their written comments that they are speaking on their own behalf and not on behalf of the Council.