Police Report: Main Street Music, Bela Salon burglarized

by Jim Boyle


Elk River Police are investigating two burglaries of businesses along Highway 10 in Elk River.

Officers responded to an alarm at Bela Salon, 19320 Highway 10, during the early morning hours of Feb. 22.

Upon arrival they noted evidence that the store had been entered and that a cash till had been taken along with an undisclosed amount of cash. There were fresh footprints leading up to the business and (wet) footprints were  seen inside the business. Photographs were taken of the scene.

Later that same morning, police were called to another business along the highway. A 38-year-old man from Main Street Music reported a burglary had occurred at his shop at 16856 Highway 10.

Police arrived and found that the front door had been forced open.  Electronics were taken.

It appeared that the suspect or suspects had attempted to get money from the cash register, however, it only contained miscellaneous coins, which were scattered on the floor below. A second empty cash box was pried open, and this item was taken for possible evidence. The incident occurred between 9 p.m. and the early hours of Feb. 22. Because it had snowed several inches, there were no tracks observed in the snow.

Off duty officer reports possible road rage

An off-duty  officer reported a possible case of “road rage” occurring about  10:30 p.m. Feb. 23 near Highway 10 and 171st Avenue in Elk River.

The off duty officer stated the drivers of the two vehicles appeared to have been playing and or messing with each other while traveling eastbound on  Highway 10 and the two vehicles eventually boxed the complainant in near 171st Avenue.

Officers made contact with the drivers at their residences and warned them about their conduct. One was an 18-year-old Elk River girl, and the other was a 17-year-old Elk River boy.

The male driver admitted to boxing the complainant in, after believing he was tailgating his friend for no apparent reason. The male driver stated he was not sure why he did not call 911 instead of taking matters into his own hands.

License plate from car reported stolen

A 55-year-old Elk River man reported the front license plate on his vehicle was removed sometime between Feb. 18 and Feb. 24. Complainant stated his vehicle is parked in his garage overnight in the 900 block of Xenia Avenue and he said he did not believe the theft could have happened while the vehicle was at his residence.

Mother’s silverware reported stolen

A 58-year-old Elk River man reported Feb. 24 the theft of silverware from his mother’s home on the evening of Feb. 21 in the 21000 block of Olson St. There were a number of sets of flatware taken totaling 84 to 100 pieces with an estimated loss exceeding $1,000. Police were given suspect information.

iPod touch reported lost at police station

A 40-year-old Elk River woman stopped in at the Elk River Police Station to report her son’s iPod Touch as lost. He last had the device at Cub Food’s in Elk River on Feb. 15 when he put it in his pocket and walked to the Elk River Perkin’s Restaurant.

Police officer finds keys in roadway

During routine patrol, an Elk River Police officer located a set of keys laying on the ground at the intersection of 4th Street and Jackson Avenue on the west side. The keys appeared to have been there for a while. There were two keys, one of which was an ignition key, and a remote entry fob. The keys were placed into evidence for safe keeping.

Wife calls on husband’s overdose of medicine 

A 34-year-old Elk River woman called police regarding her 37-year-old husband.  She believed he had intentionally taken an overdose of medication in the 18000 block of Olson St.  The man was transported to the hospital.

Man, 25, arrested for DWI along Freeport

A 25-year-old Zimmerman man was arrested for DWI in the 18800 block of Freeport St.

Boy, 14, struck by car escapes serious injury

A 19-year-old Elk River woman driver collided with a 14 year old Elk River boy on the afternoon of Feb. 22 in the 1100 block of School St. The driver said she did not see the boy crossing the street.  He suffered minor injuries. The parent of the pedestrian was contacted, and it was arranged that the pedestrian would be released to his coach.

Fraudulent charges totaling $700 made

A 51-year-old Elk River man reported that more than $700 in fraudulent charges were made to his bank account for Internet sales originating in Great Britain. The man lives in the 18000 block of Carson St.

Cornerstone reports bad check auto deal

Police were called to Cornerstone Auto Resource for a reported bad check.  The staff reported that a 35-year-old Andover man had purchased a car and the check came back as NSF.  Police later learned that the man was in custody in Coon Rapids and that the vehicle had been impounded. The CRPD has agreed to release the vehicle back to the dealership.

Deer River woman nabbed for DWI

Elk River Police arrested a 32-year-old Deer River woman for DWI after a traffic stop 12:47 a.m. on Feb. 20 at the intersection of Highway 169 and Elk Hills Drive.

The motorist had crossed the fog line, had been weaving and failed to stop for a red light The driver was arrested for fourth degree DWI after blowing a .17. The vehicle was not impounded.

Elk River man issued DWI after traffic stop

Elk River Police arrested a 35-year-old Elk River man for DWI after a traffic stop at 11:51 p.m. on Feb. 19  near 19000 block of Highway 169. The driver did not have proof of insurance in the vehicle and had a  suspended license. The driver arrested for fourth degree DWI.