Gymnastics club would serve many purposes for youth

My name is Hannah, and I am a seventh-grader in Rogers Middle School. I believe we need a gymnastics club to motivate kids to play. Thirteen percent of kids in the United States are obese. Gymnastics can prevent some of that.

Gymnastics can help a lot of people. It can help prevent some medical problems. Studies show kids who are in sports have less of a chance of getting asthma and it can reduce the chance of getting some cancers (Merrett, Theis, Ashbury 2000). It can also reduce the chance of diabetes by 58 percent (University of Yale Medical).

Gymnastics can also give people cognitive benefits. Reports show that preschoolers who are just running around are actually preparing to learn to read. Kids also have longer attention spans and are good at problem solving.

Last of all, gymnastics is just fun. I have been in it since I was 6 and my cousin has been in it since she was 2. On my street I have inspired six kids to try it just by flipping on a trampoline. Half of them are still in gymnastics and love it.

Learning the new flips and twists are fun and exciting and almost all gymnasts would agree.

Gymnastics can help kids try new things and play around with stuff. If we can get enough parents and gymnasts together to raise money, we could try to convince people that it’s a good idea. It may take awhile but I think it would be worth it. We could also get our own high school team. You decide what you think is best. — Hannah Finstad, Rogers