Feb. 20, 2012 was deadliest day of year

Eight people were killed on Minnesota roads Feb. 20 of last year, making it the deadliest day of the year. Among those killed were four female North Dakota State University students who crashed on I-94 near Alexandria.

To underscore how traffic crashes remain a serious — and constant — issue on Minnesota roads, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety compiled the list of the deadliest days of 2012.

According to preliminary fatal crash reports, there have been 384 traffic deaths in 2012, up from 368 in 2011. Last year was the second time since 1944 the state has recorded fewer than 400 deaths.

The longest streak of days in which there was at least one road death was 16 days (July 20–August 4), while the longest streak of days in which there were zero deaths was only four days (occurred Jan. 15–18; Feb. 5–8 and June 10–13). There were 136 days with zero traffic deaths.

“It’s critical that we all take the task of driving seriously and focus on the drive so we can create more zero death days for the future and avoid these preventable tragedies,” says Donna Berger, DPS director of the Office of Traffic Safety.