Building will revert back to a house

A building at 230 Evans Ave. in Elk River will be converted from commercial to residential use.

It was originally built as a single-family home, but converted for commercial activities. Now the property’s owner, The Bank of Elk River, has sought permission from the city to convert the building back to residential. Because the building is in a commercial zone, a conditional use permit is required for residential use.

The bank took possession of the property a year ago via foreclosure sale. It has a buyer interested in turning the home into a single-family rental property, according to Corey Wemple of The Bank of Elk River.

The Elk River City Council voted 3-0 Tuesday, Feb. 19, to approve the conditional use permit. Mayor John Dietz was absent and Council Member Stewart Wilson abstained from the vote because he works for The Bank of Elk River.