Writer offers his thoughts on guns in America

Common Sense Gun Thoughts

1) People should register their guns, much like their cars, boats and beagles. The Government hasn’t taken those things away.

2) No one has the right to own any kind of weapon they choose, nor should they.

3) If there were no guns in the world, there would be far fewer, violent deaths.

4) Guns are fun to have, but I imagine so are grenades, C4, and mercury, and there are good reasons we can’t have them.

5) Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people, many people, with ease, and without much thought.

6) Guns are necessary things, in the right hands. I wish the NRA would help keep them in the right hands.

7) Private, unrestricted firearms sales are to criminals what tax loop holes are to the ultra wealthy.

8) People with assault rifles and high capacity clips are the few, but they may be the ones who prevent common-sense firearms regulations. — Shawn Logan, Elk River