Sherburne residents will be surveyed

Residents of five Central Minnesota counties will be asked to complete the Central Minnesota Community Health Survey. The survey is a collaborative effort by local public health agencies and CentraCare Health System to gather information that will create a more accurate picture of health and wellness within their community and county.

Wilder Research, based in St. Paul, is conducting the survey by mail on behalf of the organizations.

The survey is being mailed the end of February to approximately 12,000 households and asks questions about residents’ access to health care, nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, and other social, physical and mental health-related issues.

Data from this survey will be used to assess the current health status of residents, and will help identify health perceptions and barriers to healthy living. This survey will allow the collaborating agencies to establish health promotion priorities on a local and regional level.

Households receiving the survey were chosen randomly. All of the information gathered from individuals will be confidential.

“This survey is only going to a small number of people,” said Nicole Martin Rogers, senior research manager at Wilder Research. “Therefore, it is imperative that everyone receiving a survey completes and returns it as quickly as possible so that public health and health care professionals can get a clear picture of the health care needs of this region. The information will equip these agencies to better help their communities.”