Confused by move toward everyday kindergarten

A vote was put before us in November regarding All Day Kindergarten (ADK) and it did not pass. ADK has been approved by the Elk River School Board, beginning fall of 2013. I am confused; the people of this district did not ask for this.

I currently have a child enrolled in Little Lambs kindergarten, all day (seven hours), and I feel all of her needs are being addressed. Although I agree with ADK to provide our children with instruction to help them be successful with writing, reading and socialization, it is EQUALLY important to remember that these are 5- and 6-year-old children. What motivates children, some of which did not attend preschool, to learn? Art, music and gym. Evidently, the school board thinks it is important to provide ADK, but these areas are not a priority.

It sounds like instead of giving the students already in the district the much-needed courses and options that finance is dictating, the school board is luring new students by offering ADK at a cost of $2 million. Where is this money coming from?

This is the first year Little Lambs has offered kindergarten. The school provides students with unprecedented quality, morals and staff. My daughter is reading books since beginning there in the fall! I am willing to pay a small amount for my daughter to go ADK – where I know all areas of her are being challenged by staff, qualified in their area of expertise. They offer small class sizes, which allows children to be more focused, and teaching can be a priority.

Those of us that want ADK have found a way to have it. This option ensures that no money is being shifted from areas already needing additional funding within the district. — Shawn Logan, Elk River