Youth Theatre Workshop group enjoys Disney gig in Florida







Twenty members of Youth Theatre Workshop performed at Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL, on Jan. 20.

The kids sang 12 songs on Waterside Stage from the play “The Little Mermaid” which they presented in Elk River in November.



Jennifer Mueller, a parent and group leader, said the group sent an application and a DVD, and their association with Eileen Anderson and Command Performance Choir was also helpful.

Performers— Tyler Mueller, Katelyn Kolyer, Cristina Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Sarah Noding, Rachelle Noding,  Elizabeth Budahn, Aubree Hare, Seth Jorgenson, Megan Juba, Danica Hanson, Aria Hanson, Samantha Perry, Bella Kallas, Shelby Swenson, Matthew Nelson, Emily Bowersox, Rachel Johnston, Lizzie Inselmann, Cullen Curott.

Photos by David Chin