Skate park removal approved by council

by Paul Rignell

Contributing writer

Elk River City Council members voted unanimously Jan. 22 to dismantle the skateboard ramps that have been in place at Lions Park since 2004.

But the city will seek to salvage materials of value from that equipment and reserve the funds for a potential rebuild. The council passed a second motion to form a committee of officials and skate park users that will study future options.

The parks commission asked for that step following a public hearing at its monthly meeting Jan. 9. Commission Chair Dave Anderson, who was not present that night when the topic drew a crowd of teens and other park users, said Jan. 23 that he is glad the skaters have shown at City Hall this month to state their case and inform officials that the public amenity is appreciated.

He told the Star News that the commission does not include a skate park user, but the group would like to see a new facility come to life either at Lions Park or elsewhere in the city.

“The hope is that we continue to have a skate park in some fashion,” said Anderson. “We’re excited in the interest right now.”

He had no details to share on an opening meeting for a new committee. The parks commission would have its next regular meeting scheduled Feb. 13.

“It’s a matter of identifying the stakeholders and those who want to help out,” said Anderson, “seeing what our resources are, and what can get done.”