Police report: Winner of drag race stopped by police, Wal-Mart thieves nabbed

The winner of an illegal drag race on 181st Avenue in Elk River in the early morning hours of Jan. 20 will pay a hefty price.

An Elk River police officer observed two vehicles on 181st Avenue that appeared to be racing. He clocked the lead vehicle at 113 mph in a 55 mph zone and was able to get the vehicle stopped, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

The driver, a 22-year-old Elk River man, was arrested for DWI near the intersection of Johnson Street and 181st Avenue.

Good news, bad news for crashing motorist 

Luckily for a 25-year-old man, there was an officer directly across the highway from him during his one-vehicle crash into a pole in a ditch in the 400 block of Highway 169.

The crash happened at about 11:55 p.m. Jan. 27.

Unfortunately for the motorist the officer discovered that the man had been under the influence and he was subsequently arrested for DWI.

Police responded to suicidal veteran 

Police responded Jan. 27 to a report of a suicidal male at an Elk River residence. The patient stated he was a veteran and upset about a friend who had killed himself.

The man was cooperative with the ambulance crew and was transported to an area hospital.

The patient did not harm himself or any others in the residence. Police provided the man and his family with information about Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Kluntz reported.

Man acted strange during Sunday’s homily 

Police were called to St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, 566 Fourth St., at 11:23 a.m. Jan. 27 on a report of a suspicious person.

A parishioner of the church called after an adult male came into the church service in the middle of the homily and sat down in the front pew, according to the police’s incident complaint report.

The male did not stay very long and reportedly had taken pictures while in the church. His behavior also seemed odd to the people at the church, Kluntz said.

The male was not recognized as a member by parishioners and left in a vehicle they described for police. Church staff expressed concern and requested a welfare check on the individual.

Police tracked down the vehicle, and the registered owner of the vehicle matched the physical description of the male in the church. Police spoke to the man, a 49-year-old Elk River man regarding the incident. He denied taking any pictures. Police planned to follow up with the individual, Kluntz said.

Theft from pool store investigated by police 

Police responded on the morning of Jan. 27 to Peterson Pool and Spa, 16800 block of Highway 10, on a report of a burglary. An unknown suspect or suspects forced entry into the business and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

Shed destroyed in Jan. 26 fire 

A 31-year-old Elk River man called police and fire at 9:08 p.m. Jan. 26 to report his shed was on fire. It is believed that the fire on the 19000 block of Lander Street was due to a wood stove inside used to heat a sauna. Elk River Fire extinguished the blaze. The shed was a total loss.

Electronic items stolen from residence 

A 42-year-old Elk River woman called police Jan. 26 to report a number of electronic items stolen from her unlocked residence in the 17000 block of Johnson Street.

Coon Rapids man, 43, arrested for DWI 

A 43-year-old Coon Rapids man was arrested for DWI following a traffic stop about 6 p.m. Jan. 25 in the area of Highway 10 and Proctor Avenue.

Claim student had gun proved to be false 

Police following up on a Jan. 27 report of a student at Elk River High School in possession of a handgun found no validity to the claim that the boy was in possession of a gun at school.

The suspect was pat searched and he denied having any weapon ownership during an interview with police.

School staff searched the suspect’s locker and found no weapons. Several parties were also interviewed regarding the allegation.

Noise complaint lodged by resident 

Elk River police looked into a noise complaint the morning of Jan. 24.

The complainant, a 34-year-old Elk River man, reported that every day at 5:30 a.m. a machine shop in the 16000 block of Jarvis Street runs a stamping machine that is very loud and wakes him up.

The complainant stated he has already talked with the owner about the noise, and he wanted to know if the noise violated any city ordinances.

Police have forwarded the matter to the Planning and Zoning Department for review and an officer also checked with a code enforcement officer who advised that the city did not have any ordinance regarding noise from inside a business.

The officer called the complainant back and advised him to contact his city council member for ordinance changes.

Man at TCF asked to leave or be cited 

A 37-year-old Elk River man went to the Elk River TCF Bank office in the 19000 block of Freeport Street Jan. 21 and allegedly tried to access funds from a nonexistent account from a credit union in St. Cloud.

Officers responded and told the man to contact the other institution to resolve the problem with the account.

Police were called back several minutes later to deal with the same man who was back at TCF. He was warned for trespassing and told to leave the bank.

Purse on trunk didn’t last through movie 

A 22-year-old Princeton woman reported to police Jan. 20 that she had put her purse on the trunk of her car while at the Elk River movie theater and forgot it there. When she returned the purse was missing.

Xbox taken from  Elk River residence 

An 18-year-old Elk River man reported to police Jan. 20 that his Xbox 360 was stolen from his residence in the 19000 block of Norfolk Street.

Officers nab two thieves at Wal-Mart

Officers were called to Wal-Mart Jan. 20 for a reported theft in progress. A 20-year-old St. Cloud man allegedly tried to take more than $400 in merchandise, and fled the store when confronted by staff.

Police located the man in the area and took him into custody for theft and an arrest warrant out of Benton County.

Earlier that day officers were called to Wal-Mart for a separate report of a theft in progress. A 44-year-old Elk River man had allegedly attempted to steal merchandise, but fled on foot when confronted by staff.

Officers located the man in the area and cited him for theft.

Woman, 48, arrested after failing to signal

A 48-year-old Elk River woman was arrested Jan. 19 for DWI after she was stopped for traveling 40 mph in a 55 mph zone, failure to signal a lane change and crossing the center line near Line Avenue and Twin Lakes Road.