One great click for shutterbug

Cindy Mauren of Rogers caught this  remarkable image at Red Wing.
Cindy Mauren of Rogers caught this remarkable image at the Mississippi at Red Wing.


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Cindy Mauren had her Canon Rebel along as usual when she and husband, Mike, were admiring eagles last Saturday at Covill Park in Red Wing. She was tracking one in particular as it swooped and grabbed himself a fish.

Minutes later, the Rogers couple was astonished at the photo she had taken. Enlarged, the resolute eagle with its lunch in its talons, the water dripping and the reflection, were crystal clear and the images perfectly composed.

Cindy Mauren
Cindy Mauren

“Nature is responsible for the beauty in the photo,” Mauren reflects. “I shot at quite a distance and I didn’t have a tripod. I was fortunate to catch that perfect fraction of a second for the composition. Apparently the lighting and the camera settings were perfect for that moment as well.”

Mauren, an elementary teacher in the Minneapolis district, enjoys shooting Rogers football games (since her son played), family gatherings and nature.

She plans to have this little masterpiece printed and framed, and to check around for a wildlife photography contest.

“This photo is a tremendous gift. Knowing I’m capable of creating this kind of photo provides a lot of motivation and inspiration in pursuing my hobby. I don’t know if I will ever capture a photo like this again but I know it’s possible.”