Mohr brings first class experience home

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing writer

A year ago, Kelly Mohr tried a new exercise class and left with a whole new perspective. After a barre class, she wasn’t drenched in sweat, she didn’t feel beat up, but she knew she’d gotten a great workout. The married mother of two with a corporate job knew it was her future. Today, she is the owner of Bella Barre Fitness in Otsego.

The fitness-minded Mohr had been searching online for a new Pilates class when she stumbled upon an ad for a barre class in Wayzata instead. Mohr had studied dance for most of her life so the idea intrigued her, even though no dance experience was required.

“The class was challenging but I left feeling totally relaxed,” Mohr explained. “I always had this idea that you had to leave drenched in sweat to mean that you got a workout. This wasn’t like that. It was so different. It changed me.”

The barre method utilizes small muscle movements and contractions to challenge the muscles. It places an emphasis on breathing and bringing the body into alignment.

Mohr, who has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, has always kept in shape. Whether by dancing, working out or attending exercise classes, she has made fitness a priority in her life.

But after just a few barre classes, she could see a difference in her body.

“In three to five classes, I really saw changes. My muscles looked longer. I wasn’t bulking up, I was leaner,” she recalled.

She says the classes are workable for everyone. She has clients with various issues, such as a wrist or shoulder, and their class experience can easily be modified to accommodate the affected area.

Mohr, an Otsego resident, had been driving to Wayzata to attend the nearest barre classes. She loved her teacher, who she regards as a mentor, but she felt she needed to bring it to the northwestern suburbs.

“I was in a comfort zone. I’d been in the corporate world for a really long time. It was financial stability, even though my heart wasn’t really in it. But something just clicked with this class. So much so that I felt I needed to share this with others,” she said.

Mohr and her husband have two young daughters. The thought of helping them to someday chase their dreams made her want to pursue her own. She wants to show them that they can do anything they really want to do.

She enthused, “This was in me, it was burning in me, I really want to do this. And why not? There’s no reason to wait. It’s never going to be the right time. That’s what I tell my clients. Don’t wait because the timing will never be just right.”

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