New program could save city money

The city of Elk River has recently qualified for the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust’s (LMCIT) land use incentive, potentially saving the city up to $3,750 if there is a land use claim in the future.

The Land Use Incentive program rewards LMCIT property/casualty member-cities having a number of elected and appointed officials who complete online training about land use decision making. The training helps cities avoid expensive land use claims and lawsuits, currently the largest area of loss for LMCIT members. Land use claims cost LMCIT members about $3 million per year.

“Incentives are one way the LMCIT seeks to fairly allocate risks and losses among members,” said Dan Greensweig, assistant administrator for LMCIT. “City officials completing the program have made a commitment to making better-informed land use decisions that could ultimately save the city of Elk River thousands of dollars.”

LMCIT member cities pay a minimal cost for the training, and can qualify for the incentive at any time by meeting the training requirement.  Any covered land use claims made against the city after receiving the training endorsement will qualify for savings.

LMCIT is a member-driven organization that exists solely to meet the risk management and insurance needs of Minnesota cities.  LMCIT’s property/casualty program has more than 1,100 members, and the workers’ compensation program has more than 900 members.  For more information, visit