Freedom is at stake in Elk River

I address the concern of mine to the citizens of Elk River. Why do we have elections? In the past it was to elect a person to represent us. We are moving on now, but in my mind we are not moving forward.

I really feel sorry for the present generation, for you have not experienced freedom as my generation has. I have witnessed it slowly eroding away.

Are we like the pipeline in Duluth since 1899? And suddenly erupted, flooding Duluth and having to be replaced?

You will have to excuse me for not researching this issue as I have been dealing with family issues. At this point everything is kind of a blur.

We had an election on Nov. 6, 2012, and in that election Ward 3 elected Barbara Burandt and there was no contest in Ward 2. Now it is January 2013 and since Nick Zerwas of Ward 1 was elected to the House of Representatives I guess he needs to step down, as he can’t hold two positions. Now what do we do?

Evidently Nick wanted to be in the political field so the only way for security was to hang on until after the election. January 2013 arrives and the council is faced with an issue. Do we call a special election or do we as council make an appointment?

It is then decided that there should be applications and the council and mayor will choose the replacement. Is this freedom of choice? I think not! This is saying to me that the voters in Ward 1 should not have a choice because it will cost money and maybe only 100 people will show up. It appears to me that money is all that matters.

To all the citizens of Elk River I encourage you to inform council members of your desires. They are there to represent YOU, not their dreams and desires. I have heard on numerous occasions that there is no use in going to council meetings because everything is all cut and dried and they just show you what is taking place. We can do nothing about the past, but we can about the future and we must as our FREEDOM is at stake! — Lola Driessen, Elk River