Show Time for Arts Alliance: oil painting exhibit under way

"Emery," oil on wood, by Amy Cunningham
“Emery,” oil on wood, by Amy Cunningham


The annual Elk River Area Arts Alliance Oil Painting Exhibit has begun at the gallery at 312 Jackson Ave. and will continue through Feb. 9, Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Painters include Marilyn Schroeder, Amy Cunningham, Donn Granros, Joan Ruprecht, Linda Croteau, Mary Olson, Bruce Strand, Nancy Gongoll, Roxanne Current, Mark Caselius, Lori Harter, Diane Hoffman-Kotilla, Jean Orr and Jan Oxendale.

"Bad Dog" by Mary Olson
“Bad Dog” by Mary Olson
"Two Friends" by Donn Granros
“Two Friends” by Donn Granros
"Taking a Break" by Marilyn Schroeder
“Taking a Break” by Marilyn Schroeder