Gun rights can survive restrictions

Recent letters on these pages have suggested conflicting solutions in answer to horrific murders at the hands of gunmen.

Protecting schools with trained law enforcement personnel and expanded gun possession on school property are vastly different. A police officer with recurrent firearms training has far superior skills and decision-making ability than a graduate of “five hours in the classroom and ten minutes on the shooting range,” as advertised by a gun permit class in the metro area.

More people with guns have absolutely no correlation with enhanced safety. Citizens of this nation own over 300 million firearms and the letters suggest we are unsafe. What’s the magic number? 400 million? 600 million? Let’s expand the discussion of law enforcement in schools, not English teachers and lunch ladies with guns.

To argue that regulation of assault weapons and magazine volume infringe on the Second Amendment is without merit. I own firearms, support the right to do so, enjoy both hunting and target shooting … and support restrictions.

If a hunter arrived in our deer camp with an assault weapon, we would find it humorous. The antithesis of hunting. My deer rifle of choice holds five in the magazine and one in the chamber, six total. I would expect to be laughed at if instead, I suggested the need for 30 shots. Only incompetence prevents reloading after six shots, hunting or target shooting. If a person intent on murder has 30 uninterrupted opportunities, I think they would find more time for more targets.

It has been reported that some of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary had been shot as many as 11 times! Yes, I wish that gunman had been delayed by the need to stop and reload.

What I find disturbing with a recent letter is the use of stories and verse from the Bible to criticize individuals and argue in favor of expanded gun ownership. Please. I am not learned in either, but I find it hard to believe that Jesus Christ would stand in line for a Conceal Carry Permit. — Todd Embury, Ramsey