Saddened by students’ actions

I attended the Elk River High School Christmas concert Dec. 20 and I was enjoying it very much. They had a great director and some very outstanding soloists. However, I have to say that there were some unfortunate disturbances during the concert. Some young people came in late and sat behind me and started whispering and didn’t stop, so I moved.

Things were fine until the choir members dispersed and lined up along the sides of the auditorium. Then several of the actual choir members started whispering while a few of their members were on stage singing. The whispering didn’t stop until it was their turn to return to the stage. It was a very saddening experience.

Yes, I was irritated but more saddened because of the disrespect of the kids for their peers. (And for themselves, because they missed out on hearing the beautiful singing of the other members.) Is there a chance that they can still be taught respect and courtesy during performances? Or is that a thing of the past? —  Cynthia Corcoran, Elk River