Miffed at board for adopting plan

Reading that the Elk River School District has chosen to go ahead with a $1.37 million all-day kindergarten program has me wondering. “Who do they think they are? Congress?” You are facing a $3.6 million budget deficit and you choose to add on another $1.37 million in new spending? This would be bad enough, but when the voters specifically declined to fund all-day kindergarten at the ballot box, it now smacks of arrogance. I would ask that the voters remember this when the complaints of a lack of funding start. The next time we are asked to raise our taxes via levy request or elect and re-elect board members, please keep in mind how your board is behaving. I’d like to thank Tony Walters and Jolene Jorgensen for voting as if we do manage a budget. I’d also like to say to Janelle Henry, Jane Bunting, Holly Thompson, Shane Steinbrecher and Sue Farber, the board should first determine how to balance the budget, then if you find a surplus you can spend on luxuries. This is how your taxpayers handle their finances and you should be following their example. — John Gall, Elk River