Ask a chief: Can I snowmobile in Elk River?

A: Yes, but with significant restrictions. As Elk River has become increasingly developed, it has become necessary to significantly regulate snowmobiling in the city.  In general, currently registered snowmobiles may be operated in the bottom or outer slope of the ditches of county roads and highways 10 and 169 except in the NO SNOWMOBILING areas of the city. Some of these routes only allow operation on one side of the right of way. 

The perimeters of the NO SNOWMOBILING area, generally the older and downtown areas of the city, are marked by red and white signs. Snowmobiles may also be operated with permission on private property (within the limits of the public nuisance ordinance), and on Orono Lake.

Except in the NO SNOWMOBILING area, local residents displaying a city of Elk River snowmobile permit (available at city hall), may operate a snowmobile on city streets between their homes and the nearest authorized snowmobile trail by the most direct route.

Under no circumstances may snowmobiles be operated on boulevards, sidewalks, walking/bike paths, or in city parks. It is the responsibility of all snowmobilers to be thoroughly familiar with state and local snowmobiling laws.

Snowmobile maps and regulations are available at city hall and on the city website, Snowmobile regulations are strictly enforced by the police department.