Pastor suggests three lessons in wake of shooting

Brettwebb Mitchell, a pastor, writer and consultant who specializes in parenting issues, offers a foundational three lessons we can learn from the tragedy in Connecticut.

1. Along with gun control, we need to invest in community-wide counseling services that help individuals and our families who are on the edge of despair. Such counseling services have been cut by governments through austerity maneuvers.

2. We need to strengthen friendship programs in and out of school that teach us to live with others who are not like us.

3. We will need to broaden and enhance the joy of living with the increasing diversity of our human gatherings rather than propagating fear of the stranger. For if we do not do so, if we ignore all these strands that contribute to making young innocent lives of today into killers tomorrow, we live on the precipice of an inescapable storm, a historical tsunami of violence that will engulf us in ways we cannot imagine.