Gumphrey thanks citizens as he leaves council

by Joni Astrup

Associate editor

Jerry Gumphrey was honored this week at the last Elk River City Council meeting of his career.

A council member for the past eight years, he did not seek re-election to a third term this fall.

He thanked the citizens of Elk River for giving him the opportunity to serve and said he appreciates it very much.

“I’ve been very honored to serve the city of Elk River and the residents. It’s been a giant privilege,” he told the Star News.

Gumphrey said people have been very supportive over the last eight years and he’s met some wonderful people while serving as a council member.

He also commended the city’s staff, saying they are great employees who are very good at their jobs.

At the Monday, Dec. 17 City Council meeting, Mayor John Dietz presented Gumphrey with a plaque.

Dietz said Gumphrey has kept him on his toes.

“Jerry and I are kind of alike in a lot of ways —we usually say the first thing that’s on our mind,” Dietz said.

He described Gumphrey as a conscientious, hard-working council member who studied the issues before making decisions.

“He has represented Ward 2 very well over the last eight years,” Dietz said.

Council members Matt Westgaard, Paul Motin and Nick Zerwas also commended Gumphrey and wished him well.

Zerwas said he and Gumphrey didn’t agree on everything, but always left the council meetings as friends.