Ode to Rachel

Cheers to Rachel, our votes she did win.

She sticks by us through thick and through thin.

For taxpayers’ interests, she always looks out.

Her integrity is never in doubt.

She stands her ground when the chips are down,

She watches out for country and town.

Follows the law, now that is a must.

Constituents — in her they can trust.

Listening, keeps her ear to the ground,

And always busy, she can be found.

Taking care of business, getting it done,

Keeps the balls in the air, while on the run.

She cares about people, uses her clout.

We can always rely on what she’s about.

A team player always, rolls up her sleeves.

Sherburne County’s good, is what she achieves.

With a confident air, smile on her face,

She can be found in most any place.

Striving always to make our lives better,

With a wing and a prayer, a real go-getter.

And finally when the day’s work is done,

Our own Rachel is up for some fun.

With cards in her fist, and a great big grin,

A ten no trump hand, she’s ready to win.

—A tribute to Rachel Leonard from Dale and Jean Ann Bain, June and John Roiger, Kathy Kokesh, Mary Lou Fisher, Bill and Shirley Sorenson, Phyllis and Mick Liebfried from Zimmerman