Crunch Time

It was “Crunch” time at Parker Elementary School last week.

The Minnesota Timberwolves mascot came to the Elk River school Nov. 12 as a reward for students who earned more than 15,000 Puma Points since the start of school this fall.

Students earn these points for positive and respectful behaviors.  The expectation is for the students to display behaviors above normal expectations.

Crunch and his friend, an assistant named Ross, taught the students a chant and made them honorary Crunch buddies.

The Chant was “Be a buddy, not a bully.”

The students also took an oath to be a buddy.

Crunch and Ross had the students participate in some physical activity games. There were always two teams:  Buddies and bullies.  The first game was tug of war.  Ross explained how texting mean messages is a form of bullying.

After the games concluded the students took the buddy oath and Crunch put on a dunk show, where he jumped over students and staff.

The students at Parker have begun to work toward their next PBIS reward by earning 20,000 points.