Single-stream recycling begins Dec. 1 in Elk River

Starting Dec. 1, Elk River residents (both Randy’s Environmental Services and Allied Waste customers) will be switched over to single-stream recycling. This new system allows paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastics, glass, etc. to all be placed in the same cart together rather than separated as it is currently.

The lid of the new cart makes it clear it is to be used for recycling.

The Elk River City Council approved the new solid waste management contract Aug. 13, which included this switch to single-stream recycling. The single-stream method will increase convenience for customers and hopefully lead to higher participation rates, according to city officials. It will also help to keep fees low for residents and makes the process of picking up waste more efficient. As the process of switching begins to take place, residents will be given a new 65-gallon cart for their recycling, which will replace the old green bins. The switch out of old bins is being done between Nov. 15 and Nov. 30.

For any residents who do not wish to keep their old green bin, a collection site will be set up at the Elk River Public Works Facility located at 19000 Proctor Road. Drop-offs will be accepted during business hours from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Depending on the condition of the bins collected, they will then be offered to local businesses and schools to implement recycling programs.

Residents will see no immediate increase in fees with the new contract, and recycling pick-ups will be adjusted to every other week. Below is a list of all items that will and will not be accepted in the new single-stream recycling cart. All food and food-soiled products will continue to be put in the organics cart for customers who do organics recycling.



•Newspaper and newspaper inserts

•Magazines and catalogs

•All junk mail and envelopes

•Cardboard (break down boxes)

•Office and school paper (all colors)

•Phone books

•Cereal and cracker-type boxes

•Brown paper sacks/bags

•Aluminum, steel and tin cans

•Glass bottles and jars

•Plastics: No. 1 through No. 7 — bottles, cups, plastic food containers, tubs, bowls, yogurt cups and margarine/whip cream tubs

•Plastic milk jugs and paper milk cartons

•Juice boxes and other paper cartons

Do not recycle 

•No garbage

•No food waste

•No food-tainted items (used paper plates)

•No paper towels or paper napkins

•No pizza boxes

•No egg cartons

•No plastic bags

•No wax-coated cartons

•No ice-cream cartons

•No aluminum foil

•No Styrofoam cups, plates or packaging

•No aerosol cans, propane tanks or helium tanks

•No batteries