ERHS music notes: Choir grants a special request

by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

The ERHS choir recently was pleased to grant a request to perform for a local youngster dealing with cancer, said director Terry Beaudry.

A local resident called Beaudry on behalf of his brother, who has pancreatic cancer.

“He asked if I would be willing, by way of Skype technology, to have the students sing a 10- to 15-minute performance,” said Beaudry, “so that his brother could enjoy a vocal music concert while in the comfort of his home.”

The boy admires and enjoys the choirs, the caller said, but can’t leave home. So the choir used iPads and digital cameras — technology available with community support — to record a performance for him, said Beaudry.

“Our students got a first-hand opportunity to use music to touch the life of one of our community members who was hurting. In turn, these students were touched beyond measure! Thank you, Elk River, for that.”

St. John’s honor choir

Six Elk River students participated in a choir festival at St. John’s University Saturday, Oct. 27, announced Beaudry. Josh Wolf, Nate Webster, Grace Heyne, Madeline Sorenson, Maddie O’Connor and Abigail Howse had a full day of rehearsals and impromptu performances in the American Choral Directors Association Men’s and Women’s Honor Choir festival.

UM-Duluth honor band

Ten ERHS band members qualified for the 55th annual Honor Band Festival at UM-Duluth held Nov. 1–3. Eric Riesberg, Nick Griffiths and Willa Samuelson were chosen for the Gold Band (audition required) while Jake Griffiths, Carter Schunk, Rosemary Hampton, Mega Perry, Alexis MacArthur, Emily Sederstrom and Emily Meyer played in the Maroon Band. They were among 200 students from 55 schools participating in clinics and rehearsals under composer Frank Tichell, capped by a performance at Marshall Performing Arts Center.