Time to make do with money it has

Now that the election is over and the dust has settled, I just wanted to voice my opinion and observations leading up to the votes regarding increases in our taxes.

I love children and I actually believe in the very meaning of the famous song by Whitney Houston in which she sings, “These are our children’s future.” But to use your ‘in’s’ with so-called movers and shakers of Maple Grove and other more affluent cities to guilt trip the local citizens to vote for a tax increase or else you don’t believe in children’s futures was tacky and way out of line and honestly, you Maple Grovers who wrote in made my mind up to vote it down.

Who do you think you are, assuming you know what’s the right direction in a current fiscal downside in our economy to use children as a prop to raise more taxes? Times are tough and everyone has to tighten their belts to ride out this recession and for all the voters who were for the tax increase, please note that the people have spoken.

I know I will be reading all about the travesty on ‘how my child’ is left behind because the majority didn’t vote for another tax. Enough with the taxes!

Let this be a message to the Elk River Area School from the voters. Please make do with the ton of money you already get and quit comparing the district to the 90210’s of Minnesota.

If you want to sell me something, get your Maple Grove behind over to my house and sell it to me one on one, go door to door and talk about what you’d like done instead of guilt tripping voters on how we don’t care about children if we don’t support it in a newspaper. Actually do some real hard work and sell it better next time and quit whining about the levy being turned down! — Stephen Noel, Zimmerman