$3 million figure tripped him up

When $3 million goes to operating costs, basically to fill the school board’s pockets, only $2 million to run the kindergarten program, and only $800K for the students’ technology and curriculums, it won’t pass in this economy. Most of us taxpayers working in the private sector aren’t getting raises, and cannot afford increased property taxes.

If the overwhelming majority of it would have gone to the students, I may have voted yes. But public schools (mainly board members, administration, etc.) need to learn we are sick of paying you more in the name of “for the sake of the children!” If it was, you would find a more cost-effective way of spending the money you currently receive, or sacrifice your own salary instead of cutting back on education.

Quit using our children as pawns to leverage more money from us parents, just for the sake of something YOU desire. — Jesse Fields, Elk River