Press release: Record number turns out to polls

Minnesota Secretary of State Ritchie announced today that Minnesotans cast a record number of ballots in yesterday’s election.

With 99.93% of precincts reporting 2,938,947 voters cast ballots in the presidential race.  Since most voters cast votes in the presidential race, this number is a good indicator of voter turnout while counties are proofing their data entry and entering statistics about the total number of actual voters.

By comparison 2,921,147 voters cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election.

“The voter turnout number will increase as the final precincts report their results,” said Secretary of State Ritchie.

This record number of voters is about 76 percent of Minnesota’s estimated eligible voters.  The number of estimated eligible voters has increased by 135,238 voters since 2008.

*These are unofficial results and subject to change as county and city election officials proof election results.