Benson, Daudt appear headed for victory; Zimmerman mayor and council race results delayed

As the election dust slowly settled Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning, many races had not crossed the finish line, officially.

This was true in Senate District 31, where incumbent Michelle Benson had nearly 58 percent of the vote at midnight with 74 percent of the precincts reporting over her opponent, Mike Starr’s 42 percent of the vote.

A cautious Benson would only say she was “reasonably confident” about winning re-election.  Starr was more certain about the outcome.  “Benson is the next senator of this district,” he said, “she’s going to win it at this point.”

In the State Representative race for House District 31A, only 55 percent of the precincts had reported by midnight with Kurt Daudt at nearly 59 percent and Ryan Fiereck around 41 percent.  “I feel fine about my race so far,” Daudt said, “the numbers look good so far.”

Fiereck was less cautious about stating what he saw as the only outcome.

“We worked hard over the summer,” he said, “but folks have made it clear I’m not their choice this time.”  He hopes to work with Daudt to make area schools even better.

Vote tallies for Zimmerman City Council and the Zimmerman Mayoral race were delayed due to a few ballot irregularities according to City Clerk, Kary Tillmann.  “We may not know where everything falls until the morning,” she said.