Zerwas has leadership skills Nick Zerwas has been

Nick Zerwas has been my city councilman in Ward 1 for the last six years. I am proud to say I have voted for Nick each time he has run for the City Council knowing he supports a fiscally conservative form of government. Due to his efforts and those of others serving on the council, the city of Elk River has retained an outstanding bond rating and kept their expenditures in line with their revenues while not increasing the tax levy. This is the kind of fiscal thinking and representation District 30A needs in St. Paul.

I have also had the welcomed opportunity to work with Nick on many local government and community issues. It is rewarding to observe his outstanding leadership qualities and ability to form alliances with people, all in an effort to arrive at agreeable solutions. This is the kind of bridge-building leadership District 30A needs in St. Paul. — Stewart Wilson, Elk River