Vote yes on amendment Nov. 6 for ‘one man, one woman’

This is not about how I feel, or you feel. It is not about judging or “the golden rule.” It is not about inclusivity in the world. It is ALL about God. He made you and me, and loves us ALL.

It clearly states in Romans 1:21-32 and Genesis 2:23-25 what God thinks of these acts. PLEASE take the time to read these!

A few weeks ago my pastor talked about the commandments and laws given by God. That they ARE for our best interest. When we do what God wants us to do, is when we are the best we can be. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but when we do it, it will be worth it.

As I look at my son and daughter, I see how much my husband and I both play a role in their development. Girls and boys both need a mother for nurturing, also to teach how to care for, learn to model after, and look up to. Dads are also very important to both boys and girls. For leadership, teaching, discipline, seeking out, and love. Sometimes this can’t happen. We all know some families don’t have both a mom and a dad because of a divorce, abuse, a death, etc., but for us to set it up so that there doesn’t need to be a dad, or there doesn’t need to be a mom is wrong. It’s very unfair to the children.

Our country was founded on the Bible, and has been blessed abundantly for years. Yet recently, you can see God taking His hands of protection away from our great nation, since we have turned our backs on Him and His word. We need to stand up for God and the Bible! VOTE YES!! — Maureen Baty, Zimmerman