Support Farber for commission

It is without reservation that I support Larry Farber for his re-election as Sherburne County commissioner. I have served on the Elk River City Council since 1999 and have had the opportunity to work both with Larry and with Bruce Anderson. For six years, Larry Farber served with me on the council as well as on the Elk River Economic Development Authority. For the past couple years, he and I have served on the Northstar Corridor Development Authority. He and I have not always agreed on every issue (nor should we); however, he is always passionate in his beliefs and had the best interests of the city in mind (when he was a council member) and has the best interests of the county as a whole in mind (now that he is a county commissioner).

Don’t get me wrong … Bruce Anderson is also a fine candidate. He and I were in the Elk River Rotary Club together and served on the Boys & Girls Club when it was founded. On several occasions, when he was sheriff, he brought issues and information relating to the needs of the Elk River Police Department and the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office to the Elk River City Council. He was a very good sheriff and was instrumental in expanding the Sherburne County Jail and the department as a whole. He ran a very tight ship. But the county doesn’t need another sheriff … we’ve got a very good one in Joel Brott.

If Bruce were not running against Larry, I would probably support him; however, Larry’s experiences both as an Elk River City Council member as well as a Sherburne County commissioner give him a much more well-rounded background — something that is very necessary for a County commissioner. While Bruce has sheriff experience, Larry also has significant law enforcement experience, having served as a police officer for both Elk River and Fridley for many years. But Larry brings MUCH more to the table … He served on the Elk River City Council for a total of 12 years and as a county commissioner for four. During that time, he dealt directly with establishing policy, comprehensive plans and ordinances. He was instrumental in planning issues, zoning, economic development, recreation, housing and redevelopment, human services, city-wide and county-wide budgets and transportation planning. It is that wealth of knowledge of a wide array of all of the facets of county government that makes Larry Farber the better candidate for county commissioner. — Paul Motin, Elk River