Neuman won’t just sit back

I have known Holly Neuman for a long time and have come to know her as a fine, upstanding citizen in the community of Big Lake. What I am about to tell you is her dedication in a quest to find a solution through the help of a legislator to gain easier access to family medical records for everyone.

With the advances in the medical field of genetics, the technology has proven to be critical. Unfortunately, government has not kept up with the ability for family members to have access to the information. Holly is working hard to resolve this matter after her father passed away from a heart condition in 2006. Working in conjunction with Republican Dave Brown, he introduced a bill that would give adult children their deceased family medical records. Last year Holly’s daughter Cameo was in a bad motorcycle accident, breaking both her legs and her right arm. After nine months her daughter was still fighting an infection in her right ankle. Doctors asked if there was a history of an immune system problem.  They thought it would be useful since an immune system problem could be genetic. Unfortunately Holly found out that Minnesota law doesn’t even allow a doctor to review a deceased family member’s medical records.

Just think about the last time you went to the doctor and they had you fill out your medical history. Having a detailed family medical history is important, so why doesn’t Minnesota law allow it? Holly has talked with some genetic counselors that tell her this law would help people with diseases like cancer, heart disease, lupus, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

Holly doesn’t just sit back and wait for laws to change, she fights to change them. I have known Holly long enough to know that when she puts her mind and energy into anything, she will succeed. She is a dear and close friend and radiates passion with integrity in every endeavor she encounters. Holly can relate to people in all aspects of life through small business to important issues that affect every family member. If elected, Holly will continue to work with Sen. Brown to carry this medical bill as bipartisan, along with concerns of her constituents. Holly is by far the clear choice when it comes to business experience, education, and helping the middle class. — Susan Jansen, Elk River