Cast vote for Jane Frazier

Nov. 6 is just around the corner and you will be casting your votes for both local and national races. So far, there has been very little information out on our local school board candidates. I wish to introduce you to my first choice, Jane Frazier.

Jane gets down to business. As a fitness club owner, she has the experience in all aspects of business, from managing her employees to recruiting new members to maximizing profits based on the size of her facility. She uses her well-developed communication skills because most of her work needs to be done remotely since her club is in Iowa. We need this business sense and ability to communicate on our School Board.

For years Jane has volunteered in several different child development activities. She looks forward to her annual trip as a church youth camp counselor. To Jane it has been a way to continue to follow some of the children she once taught in Sunday school. Perhaps this love of children is natural for this mother of four. But it is more than just giving back. It is assisting with the building of the next generation. We need this kind of unfaltering commitment to the children of our district.

Jane may appear to be a soft-spoken, mild-mannered woman. If that is all you see, then you really don’t know Jane. Jane is passionate, compassionate and relentless when she encounters unfair treatment, lack of truthfulness or unethical behavior. Aren’t these the qualities we need as a foundation in our school board to set the model for our children?

And finally, this is Jane’s second attempt to get elected to the board. After a very close race two years ago, did Jane just stop caring? No! She became active in the Legislative Action Committee and worked to get more traction at the State Department of Education. She also put her name in to participate in the Strategic Planning process. She doesn’t give up and will be tireless in her work for the students across District 728. Vote for Jane Frazier on Nov. 6. — Martin Eng, Elk River