Who are we to block a person’s path in life

We all are unique human equal beings and all have different paths that God has put us on. God would not have made them that way to make them suffer on a daily basis.

Who am I or you to put a blockage on THEIR PATH in life. They never got to choose, God made them that way. We are a melting pot of a country full of diversity so why are we still trying to create this “uniformity” and keep “marriage” the same instead of adapting as we grow as a country. We need to except change and embrace it. People can not keep sweeping everyones rights under a dirty rug. They will not just lay there under it and be okay while we all go on living in our “perfect” straight world. I’m not okay with that. This is not your issue it is THEIRS and does not effect you in any way. We are voting  no, are you? “I never got to vote on straight people’s (traditional) marriage and rights. They were just given to me. What makes that right for all people. So why are we now getting to vote on discrimination and hate.

Why do people think they are superior to other human beings so much that they think they should decide (vote) on other peoples rights. They had no decision on my rights, God created us as equals and would never want one group of people to take away basic human rights of any other individuals because they aren’t like you. That’s not what God wanted. I still don’t understand how we still have a second class group of citizens in this country. That is “the land of the free”. It makes no difference if I want to marry a man or a woman. — Dawn Giddings, Elk River