Waited for commisioner’s response

Mr. Larry Farber, with all due respect, you have been our county commissioner for 4 years.  The one time I felt it was important to get to know you and called, you did not return my call.  There was a road improvement project that I thought was controlled by the city. I was concerned since the road (CR32) was being redone and it did not seem like the new road was going to incorporate a bike lane.  When I called the city I found that the county controlled the road improvement even though it was in city limits.  I also found that a walking/bike lane was in past city plans for this road.  Being one of the main county roads that leads directly to a great city resource, the Woodland Trails hiking and biking trails, I thought improving this road with a pedestrian/bike lane would be a no-brainer.

During my research I found out that the communication between the city and county was not well coordinated.  This does not look like good management to me.  Understandably, if you would have called me back your response may have been “It would cost too much to add a bike lane”.  If cost is an issue Mr. Farber, the road really wasn’t that bad anyway.  Why dig it up and redo it?  Now, it just allows the speeders to go even faster in that stretch.  And a questionable corner is still questionable. I would really liked to have discussed this with you and heard your viewpoint but you did not communicate to me or the general public.

I am in a position like many voters to choose either you or your opponent, Bruce Anderson. I really don’t see a distinct difference between you two. Well sir, you have a couple weeks to show it.   I would like to justify a vote for you. — Mark Makovec, Elk River