Voter ID Amendment poorly written

The “Voter I.D” Amendment is poorly written, and the consequences were not all considered. This new law will restrict hundreds of thousands of otherwise eligible Minnesota voters. It will have the most effect on seniors, students, military and other Minnesotans living abroad, all poor people (but primarily low income-minorities), people who have recently moved, and mail-in voters. The law doesn’t actually say a Minnesota Drivers License will be valid. It doesn’t say that a Passport or Military ID will be acceptable. The amendment is too vague, and details must be written by a future state legislature. The initial cost has been estimated between $30 Million and $50 Million, and subsequent elections will cost additional $2-$3 Million each time. This money will come out of the General Fund, and your taxes will go up. The amendment has a new “Provisional Ballot” for those who do not have the accepted ID. And nationally those states which use provisional ballots rather than S ame-Day registration experience a 10% fewer votes cast. In Minnesota, this means 300,000 fewer people will vote. And this exposes the true intent of the law: Republicans win more elections when fewer people vote. Democracy works best when ALL the people participate. Vote No on this amendment. — Marty Lemke, Elk River